4 Plastic And Rubber Parts Of Railway Line

plastic and rubber parts Excepting for iron parts like railway fish platerail clipscrew spiketrack bolts, there are some plastic and rubber parts in the construction of railway track, such as rail pad, plastic dowel, rail insulator, guide plate. Do you really know these rail fasteners? Let’s figure them one by one.

Rail pad

Rail pad, also known as rail rubber pad, is used between steel rail and concrete sleeper. The main functions of rail pad can be divided into three aspects: absorb vibration caused by vehicle, protect rail base and railway sleeper, electrical insulation of signaling system. Due to long-term exposure to the air, rail pad is required good performance in aging resistance, cold resistance and hot resistance. For the subway, the rail pad must have better vibration reducing and low-noise performance. The rail rubber pad can greatly improve the transportation ability of vehicles, reduce the maintenance of railroad grade crossing, and avoid traffic accidents caused by motor vehicles flamed out. No matter from the aspects of safety, economy, environmental protection and social benefits, it is worth popularizing and applying. rail pad

Rail plastic dowel

rail plastic dowel The rail plastic dowel is a pre-embedded assembly, it is usually fixed in the pre-products (such as cement sleepers, bridges, buildings, etc.), and the threads on its surface are fused with the preform. In general, plastic dowel is used with the rail bolts or screw spike, for fastening other objects. Material: nylon glass fiber (PA66 + GF), plastic (HDPE), and so on. Nylon dowel is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon composite material by injection molding process, both internal and external have screws. A: The internal scew matched with the screw spike is a serrated single beveled screw, the oblique side of the screw is a large bevel, and the fit between the nylon sleeve and the spike is a loose fit, so that the plastic sleeve and its components have optimal stress condition, which greatly extends the service life of rail nylon sleeves and their components;

B: The external screw combined with the concrete sleeper is a screw groove with the same pitch and internal screw. According to the road condition, it can be full or semi-threaded. At the same time, a horizontal boss is added to the upper and lower ends of the sleeve, and an insertion hole is arranged in the boss, which facilitates the insertion of the steel bar when being embedded, and improves the pullout resistance of the sleeve to the sleeper. It can be widely used in concrete engineering projects, such as railways, highways, bridges, houses, etc. It is especially suitable for railway sleepers. It is embedded in the concrete sleeper to increase the speed of the train and improve the speed of the turnout.

  • The production process: injection molding by injection molding machine, and it is similar to the production process of the gauge block.
  • Features:Plastic dowel use high-quality nylon 66 as the base resin, it is blended and granulated by adding various modifiers. It has good mechanical strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, high rigidity and good pull-out resistance. With the advantages of simple and convenient construction, long service life, etc. It can improve the durability, insulation, environmental protection level and comprehensive technical and economic indicators of the sleeper, and meet the requirements of high-speed railway development.

Technical requirements

Properties Units Test methods TEP-DBZ730
Density g/cm GB1033 1.14
Tensile   strength MPa GB1040 ≥55
Elongation % GB1040 ≥70
Flexural   strength MPa GB1042 ≥65
Flexural   modulus MPa GB1042 ≥2000
Notched Impact Strength 20℃ KJ/m GB1043 ≥25
-50℃ KJ/m GB1043 ≥15
Hardness R GB9342 ≥95
Absorptivity % GB1034 ≤1.3

Rail insulator

Rail insulator is an important railway fastener for connecting rails and rails. The rail insulator achieves its reliability and stability, while ensuring the flexibility and rigidity of the normal operation of the track. As one of the key components of high-speed railway fastener system, rail insulator is a kind of fastener suitable for rail and sleeper connection in railway line. rail nylon insulator Feat​ures: high mechanical strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, high rigidity, dimensional stability.