Rail Clip


  • Size: full rail clip dimension available
  • Standard: E-type, SKL, KPO, NablaPR, Russia, fast, UIC, BS, JIS,etc.
  • Surface: Natural, black oiled, red oiled or upon customers
  • Packing: Woven Bag/Kegs and Pallet/wooden box or upon customers
The rail elastic clips (also called rail clipelastic rail clip )are used with railway sleeper to fasten rails on both sides. The rail clips are usually made of forged spring steel, which are manufactured by hot forging process. The forged rail clips are considered to be better than other metal forming process due to most uniform microstructure.
For meeting various needs of clients, railway metal fasteners supplies E-clips, PR clip, SKL clips, Russia rail clip, Deenik clip, Nabla spring blade, KPO rail calmp, gantrex rail clips, fast clip, crane rail clip and other special clips for rails.
Rail clips processing procedures
Elastic rail clip manufacturing process is as follow: Shearing– Heating to forging temperature – Forming- Hardening -Tempering – Inspection — Packing.

Hot Rail clips

Series Model Image Spec. Hardness PDF Download
E rail clip Ⅲtype rail clip Ⅲ type-rail-clip ø18 44-48HRC  
E1609 rail clip E1609 rail clip ø16
E1809 rail clip E1809 ø20
E1804 rail clip E1804 ø18
E1806 rail clip E1806 ø18
E1813 rail clip E1813 ø18
E2001 rail clip E2001 ø20
E2007 rail clip E2007 ø20
E2009 rail clip E2009 ø20
E2039 rail clip E2039 ø20
E2055 rail clip E2055 rail clip ø20
E2056 rail clip E2056 rail clip ø20
E2063 Rail Clip E2063 rail clip ø20
E2091 Rail Clip E2091 rail clip ø20
PR rail clip
PR85 Rail Clip PR85 rail clip ø13 44-48HRC
PR309A Rail Clip PR309A rail clip ø19
PR401 Rail Clip PR401 rail clip ø20
PR415 Rail Clip PR415 rail clip ø20
PR601A  Rail Clip PR601A rail clip ø22
Vossloh clip&

Forged rail clip

SKL 1 Rail Clip SKL-1clip ø13 42-47HRC
SKL 3  Rail Clip SKL-3clip ø13
SKL 12  Rail Clip SKL-12clip ø13
SKL 14  Rail Clip SKL-14clip ø14
Special rail clip Special rail clip Special-rail-clip ø13  
Russia rail clip Russia rail clip Russia rail clip ø18  
Deenik clip Deenik clip Deenik-clip ø25  
Anti-vandal clip Anti-vandal clip Anti-vandal-clip ø18  
Fast clip Fast clip Fast-clip ø15  
GL1419 GL1419 GL1419 rail clip ø14  
Nabla Spring blade Nabla Spring blade Nabla-Spring-blade    
KPO/rail clamp KPO/rail clamp rail clamp    

For all types of rail clips:

  1. Pre-assembly with T-bolt and washer (supplementary service)
  2. Corrosion protection surface
  3. Time saving and transit safe packing
  4. All rail clips can work well under pressure over 2700lbs.
  5. Fatigue life:For Dia.18 is 3 millions cycles without breaking. For Dia.20 is 5 millions cycles without breaking.