Steel Rail And Steel Sleeper

The steel rail, also know as rail track, railroad rail, is used to guide the train wheels far forwarding, by withstanding the enormous stress by the wheel when a train passes by, and transferring to the tie sleepers as well. The rail shall provide smooth and continuous rolling surface with least resistance. Generally speaking, the heavier the rails and the rest of the track work, the heavier and higher speed for the train these railroad tracks can carry. At electrified railway or automatic block sections, the railroad rail can also be used as the railroad track circuit.

All modern rails now are made by hot rolled steel of specific cross-section (profile) which approximates to I-beam but is asymmetric about a horizontal axis—flat bottomed, so that can rest directly on the tie sleepers and bullhead rails well. A rail is composed by three parts of rail Head, Web and Foot, and overall cross-sectional dimensions are always made of rail height(A), Foot width (B) and Head width(C). Together with the Web thickness(t), the 4 sizes are overall dimensions for rail type classifications.

Due to high quality and competitive prices, our rails have been exported to over 50 countries, including America, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Poland, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sudan, etc.

In order to ensure better quality, the steel rails have to undergo various tests, such as chemical composition test, tensile strength test, hardness test and drop weight test.

Types of rails

1. Light rail of GB11264-89 standard/YB222-63 standard

light rail

The light rails are mainly used for laying temporary hauling tracks in forested areas, factories, mines, and construction areas. As an experienced manufacturer of light rail in China, we can provide high quality GB standard light rails at low prices.

  • Size: 6kg, 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 22kg, 30kg, 8kg, 18kg, 24kg
  • Material: 55Q or Q235B
  • Standard: GB11264-89 standard, YB222-63 standard
  • Length: 6-12m
Light Rails GB11264-89
Size DIMENSIONS (mm) WEIGHT (kg/m)
A B C t
GB 6KG 25.4 50.8 50.8 4.76 5.98
GB 9KG 32.1 63.5 63.5 5.9 8.94
GB 12KE 38.1 69.85 69.85 7.54 12.2
GB 15KG 42.86 79.37 79.37 8.33 15.2
GB 22KG 50.8 93.66 93.66 10.72 22.3
GB 30KG 60.33 107.95 107.95 12.3 30.1