Track Bolt

Track bolt

  • Size: customization
  • Standard: UIC, GB, BS, DIN and GOST or ISO, etc.
  • Surface: Plain, black painting or upon customer requirement
  • Packing: Woven Bag/Kegs and Pallet/wooden box or upon customers
Track bolts also called rail bolts, a are used to fasten steel rail ends together at a joint. The sizes of track bolts are varying with the requirements of the section of rail. The proper diameter and length of the track bolt can be determined by checking the applicable railway standard. The track bolts can be classified into several types, such as, button head oval neck track boltdiamond neck track boltrail bolt NF F50-008fish bolttrack bolt of Russian standardclip boltclamp bolt and inserted bolt for Russiaanchor boltT-bolt clamp and other special bolts, etc.


Application Criteria of Track Bolts

According to related rail standards, each joint needs to be bolted with at least two track bolts in each rail tightened to approximately 400 foot-pounds of torque which develops between 25,000, and 30, 000 pounds of tension in the bolts.

  1. Track bolts in use have to be in the proper size and tightly in place.
  2. Track bolts have to be installed with AREMA spring washers whereas the nuts have to be installed against the spring washer.
  3. Track bolts have to be installed and the nuts have to installed alternately on the inside and outside of the rail.
  4. When track bolts and joint bars are moved away, the joint area of the rail and the contact surface of the joint bar have to be cleaned and the joint bar and the bolt threads have to be lubricated.
  5. Safety standards require that on operation are permitted over rails where all track bolts are missing or ineffective