Wooden Sleeper

Wooden sleeper, also caleed timber sleeper, is one kind of railway sleeper that is made of wood, also known as wooden railway sleeper or wood railroad tie. As a basic railway track components of railway track, wooden sleeper is used for carrying steel rail, it is fastened by common rail fasteners like rail clip, railroad spike, railroad tie plate and etc. The wood for making wooden sleeper usually requires strength and good elastic property. Due to wooden sleepers are easy to be corroded, which will affect the service life. Oil immersion is a general way for corrosion prevention, preservatively-treated sleepers is so called. As we all know, there are four types of railway sleeper: steel railway sleeper, wooden sleeper, concrete sleeper and composite sleeper. Compared to other types of railway sleeper, wooden sleeper has advantages of good elasticity, light weight, easy installation and good insulation properties.

Wooden sleeper for sale 

China GMF Co. Ltd has 20+ years’ experience in processing railway fasteners like wooden sleeper, steel sleeper, rail joint, steel rail, rail clip and other related fasteners for railway construction. By the applications, wooden sleeper can be divided into three types: treated wooden sleeper for normal track, treated wooden sleeper for turnout, treated wooden sleeper for bridge.

Treated wooden sleeper for normal track

As the name applied, common wooden sleeper is used in the main line of railway. For GB standard, type I with 16cm×22cm×250cm and type II with 14.5cm×20cm×250cm are two typical sizes.

Type Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
KTMB 2000(±12) 254(+12,0) 127(+11,-3)
type Ⅰ 2500(±60) 220(±10) 160(0,-5)
type Ⅱ 2500(±60) 220(±10) 145(0,-5)
Standard 2600~4800(±60) 240(±10) 160(0,-5)

  common wooden sleeper

Treated wooden sleeper for turnout

Type Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Normal 2600~4850 220 160
Standard 2600~4800 240 160

  switch wooden sleeper

Treated wooden sleeper for bridge

Bridge wooden sleeper is used for railroad line laying on the bridge.

Type Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Standard 3000 220 240/260/280/300

bridge sleeper