Screw Spikes

screw spikes

  • Size: all types available
  • Standard: UIC, AREMA, GB, BS, DIN and JIS or ISO, etc.
  • Surface: Plain (oiled), black painting, Zinc, HDG
  • Packing: 25Kg plastic bags and wooden pallets or according to clients

The screw spike is also known as rail screw. As one kind of Rail spike, it is a metal screw for fixing rail fasteners. Screw spike is usually made of NO.3 steel. Because its nail rod surface has thread, so it is called screw spike. The pull-out resistance is 0.5 ~ 1.0 times larger than that of common rail spike, but the thrust resistance is 50% less. Due to disassembly and assembly inconvenience, it is difficult to adjust the rail gauge, which is generally used on the railway turnout. For meeting various needs of clients, we can offer coach screws, stud screw, railway sleeper screws and other coustom screw spike in railway. screw spike As for the cost, the screw spike require higher cost than the dog spike but has the advantage of greater fixing power; approximately twice that of a rail spike, and can be used in combination with spring washers.

Specifications of screw spike

  • Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8
  • Material: Q235, 35#, 45#
  • MOQ: 5000PCS

screw spike project

Screw spikes in railway

Ss series screw spike

Ss series screw spike Ss series rail screw spike is designed according to the standard UIC864-1

Type Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg)
Ss5-150 M24×150 0.545
Ss8-140 M24×140 0.528
Ss8-150 M24×150 0.548
Ss8-160 M24×160 0.568
Ss23-160 M24×160 0.645
Ss25-165 M24×165 0.625
Ss35-161 M24×160 0.657

ASTMA66-87 screw spike

ASTMA66-87 screw spike We also supply the railway sleeper screw spikes for the USA with the standard ASTMA66-87, cold bending 90 degree without cracks. Standard strength 65000PSI or high strength 100000psi is available. Common sizes include 3/4″, 7/8″, 15/16″

Screw spike with big disk for Africa and South America

Screw spike with big disk Rail screw spikes with big disk are mostly applied in South America and Africa

  • Diameter: 22mm, 23mm
  • Length: 115mm, 133mm, 178mm

3V sleeper screw

3V sleeper screw The mechanical properties of 3V sleeper screw are in accordance with NF F 50006,

  • Tension strength: 700MPA (min),
  • Elongation: 12% (min),
  • Cold bending: 30 degree without crack.
Type Dimension(mm) Weight (Kg)
V20-135 M20×135 0.438
V23-115 M23×115 0.48
V23-135 M23×135 0.55
V23-155 M23×155 0.62
V23-215 M23×215 0.78
V26-115 M26×115 0.55

High tension screw spike

High tension screw spike High tension screw spike is also called as screw spike for wooden sleeper. Size: 15/16×6-1/2.

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Reduction of Area Hardness
120,000psi(min) 92,000psi(min) 14%(min) 35%(min) HRC22-HRC3

Coach screw

Coach screw Coach screw is usually used for the mining industry in South Africa.

  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Length: 65mm and 75mm
  • Material: Q195 and Q235

DHS35 screw spike

DHS35 screw spike DHS35 rail sleeper screw spike can be used as a part of SKL14 rail fastening system

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Length: 158mm and 161mm

T type screw spike NF-F 50014

T type screw spike NF-F 50014 T type screw spike with round thread, according to the standard NF-F 50014

Double-head screw spike

Double-head screw spike Railway sleeper screw spike with two ends is also called as double-head screw spike, usually used together with the Nabla clip system. It is very popular in Africa. For meeting with the bending test, we use special material TD16 to produce the sleeper screw, bending 30 degree and straightening it, without crack.

  • Size: 23×174
  • Material: TD16

Dive spike

Dive spike The dive spike has wide applications, including timber construction highway crossing planks and panels, bridge and trestle guard rails, motor car set-off, docks, etc. The dive spike has advantages of low cost of installation and maintenance. Meet with the standard ASTMA66-87, cold bending 90 degree without crack.

  • Main Size: 5/8×10 and 7/8×7
  • Material: 35#
Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation 2″
414Mpa 207Mpa >18%

Hex head screw spike

Hex head screw spike Screw spike with slotting head, as per UIC864-1 Size: 24×131 and 24×150